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La Macumba Class!

Salsaholics has the pleasure to invite you to experience an amazing evening every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in the best Latino Dancing club in Prague.  After class, you can stay for the rest of the evening with us and enjoy Salsaholics DJs playing music for you to practice what you learned! Come join us and discover this magic place taken out of a Havana street.

La Macumba Dancing Club has special discounts for people that come on this day!* This is the perfect opportunity to give your Salsa Dancing experience a big headstart and you will fall in love with the Latino Dancing atmosphere in Prague.

*While of course, it is not mandatory to stay for the party after the class is over, it's highly recommended. The Salsa Class will happen before the Club open's to the general public. At the moment La Macumba bar closes exactly at midnight in compliance with current government measures and regulations. La Macumba reserves the right to suspend the promotions at any moment.

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